Hiring is not a donation, it's the purchase of time and skills.

Voluntary donations greatly assist with motivation and freeing up time, but often they are not sufficient to cover everyday expenses. Therefore, I cannot solely work on non-commercial projects at the moment, whether it's software, articles, or videos.

Over the years of activity, I have encountered users who are kindred spirits.

Some of them provided momentary assistance,
but some became more than just a list of nicknames.

In a world where censorship and control are becoming increasingly common, such individuals have become valuable allies in the fight for freedom and online privacy.

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When placing an order, you are not only addressing me but also the specialists - my comrades, the hypothetical acetone team. Finding work while maintaining the desired level of privacy is not easy, but thanks to the visibility of my nickname, we are gradually tackling this challenge.

The primary guarantee at the prepayment stage is the honor of my nickname, which has been built over the years. You are not handing your money into the unknown; I vouch for the organizational measures as well as the execution of my part in the software and administrative domains.

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Our team is a group of individuals united by a common goal and working in anonymous mode.

Among us are experienced software developers, hackers of various specialties, creative individuals, and security experts.

Working together, we create and develop tools that, as needed, provide security, anonymity, help bypass censorship, and implement business ideas.


Let's engage in the development of a private communication application, launch advertising across various corners of the World Wide Web, establish a system for anonymous payments, and create a custom tool to bypass internet censorship.


We can provide website mockups of any complexity, illustrations, and unique soundtracks for various purposes.


We offer services to people who prioritize privacy and anonymity in the online environment, while we ourselves remain inaccessible to various malicious actors due to our own anonymity.


We will discuss each idea separately, plan the timing and additional expenses, and negotiate the pricing.


All payments will be in cryptocurrency, whichever is convenient for you. The preferred payment method is Monero.

For commercial inquiries, please use the general form.

Describe the essence of your order, and if known, provide an approximate budget.

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