My nickname is acetone, I am an enthusiast of fault tolerant and hidden networks:

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the author of popular science articles and videos bg
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I strive to balance between publicity and anonymity.
Why anonymity?
Because I believe that only an anonymous person is free in their thoughts and actions without regard to the consequences from various "indifferent parties."
If I care about anonymity, why publicity?
Because I see a strong deficit of competent information aimed at eliminating illiteracy in matters of real anonymity and privacy.

One might think I support criminal activities. No, that's not the case. Anonymity is not about crime; it's about the freedom of thought and speech without consequences in the form of reactions from fanatic regulators. I am against terrorism and anything else that harms the people around us.

Criminals are the responsibility of law enforcement agencies. Let them deal with it instead of fining housewives for reposting foreign agents.

To achieve this, as you might guess, we need to raise housewives to the same level of privacy where negative elements of society reside, so that Comrade Major doesn't think it's cheap to earn his stars on schoolchildren but focuses on the "bad guys" who can be charged with something more substantial than thought crimes.

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